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Weekend Accommodation in Sydney


Lauders Loft,
14 Blacks Road, Arcadia 2159.
Bookings: Phone 9653 2422,
fax 9653 3962, email or


$130 per couple for
upstairs loft, $125 per couple
downstairs, or $90 for a single.

Weekend package
for two nights:

upstairs $230, downstairs $225.
Children $15 each.
Beds: A sea of pillows, blankets,
quilts and comfort.


Country style with individual flair. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, homemade breakfast tarts and jam, fresh fruit and percolated coffee.

The best thing about the b&b:

It takes less than an hour to reach the rural bliss.
Hosts Allison and Jim Lauder are as inconspicuous or helpful as you desire
and the individual furnishing quirks are charming.

The worst thing: If you're staying downstairs, the creaky floorboards above.

Rating: 8/10.

Arcadia country is just perfect
for this hideaway, writes Clara laccarino.

It's all in the finer details.
The country trimmings, homemade chutneys and jams on the windowsill, a wheelbarrow overflowing with greenery, blinds made from train station destination signs, and stained- glass windows that usher in the morning light from across the pasture.

Minutes from the Galston village shops and just off the M2 - a speedy 40-minute delivery to the Hills District from Sydney - Arcadia is a country whisper and Lauders Loft Bed & Breakfast is its charming hideaway

Opposite a homestead selling bags of manure for $2, the Loft sits behind the Lauder family's extended cottage.
There's undercover parking beside Jim's shed, where the cats and dogs howl and muster at feeding time.

A pebbled path takes you into the rooms, each one with a chalkboard and welcome note for the guests
staying that night.

The kitchenette redefines self- sufficiency There's a toaster, sandwich press, bar fridge, cutlery, beer mugs and a pig-shaped cutting board. There
are transport lanterns for lights, fly- screened sideboards and corrugated iron walls in the bathrooms.

The country charisma is apparent, but bales of hay and field mice are nowhere to be seen. It's rustic, but polished. It's a great romantic getaway, but there's also plenty of room for the whole family, or two couples. Upstairs the open-plan loft is ideal for two, but downstairs there are two king single beds in the back room, a day bed and queen in the front.

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Keen to show off the district surrounds,
Allison Lauder arranged Sunday lunch at Berowra Waters Inn, a beautiful restaurant only accessible by water. On the river bank beside homes with pontoons and water access only, your eyes glaze over as residents putt past in their tinnies and fish skim the surface of the Hawkesbury River inlet.

Peaceful is an understatement, and the French-Australian cuisine is complemented by fine wine and witty asides from the Spanish maitre d'.

There's not much room for dinner, but Allison recommends a few localspots from pizzerias to fish 'n chip shops and cafes.

Sinking into the sea of pillows that night, falling asleep to the tunes on a CD player borrowed from the main manor, I'm wrapped in pure Arcadian contentment. Daylight saving has ended and the darkness is all- encompassing. I can't see my hand in front of my face, but the night sounds soon lull me to sleep.

The birds wake first, but I'm not far behind as sunlight fills the kitchenette and trickles through the stained-glass windows of the bathrooms. I brew a pot of coffee and before long there's a knock at the door and Jim Lauder presents a tray of breakfast goodies.

Out the back there's a porch overlooking the grassy acreage. I tuck into my scrambled eggs and fruit, munching on the quiche-like breakfast tarts - a variation on the standard bacon-and-eggs formula - as the morning stretches through
the clouds. A car loaded with schoolchildren drives past on the unpaved road, the youngsters wave
out of the window.

It's Monday morning and I'm less than an hour from the CBD crush,the rural pace is divine.

The open space and clean air are blissful. I'm not sure I could commute but weekend retreats could well become commonplace.

• The writer was a guest of Lauders Loft.

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